Activating Consciousness

Imagine . . .  Trying to Live a Normal Life  as a Fugitive from Justice.
Sometimes, it takes a little help from some very unusual friends !!!
It's a Memoir, a Social Commentary . . . and very Multidimensional.
An Absolute . . . Must-Read Book For Anyone Wanting to Know . .  . There is so Much More !!!

The Crystal Prison - Part One
This is Part One of a Two-Part Series

Some people say . . . freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose . . .  but what if all you had left was nothing to lose but your freedom?

What if someone you completely trusted asked you to jump off a cliff . . . but promised you'd safely land? What if you'd died to all you've ever been . . .  but could never be again who you were before? What if you had to totally recreate a whole new reality . . . but first you had to grow some wings, and learn to fly? What if you were on a journey to somewhere . . . but had no idea where you were going or when you'd get there? What if all you had was just a few hundred bucks in your worn-out wallet, an old car, an old computer, an idea for writing a bestselling book, and only had two friends you could trust? One of them was an 800-year-old Scottish Spirit, and the other was a very wise and ancient Archangel ... !!!

Reg. Retail Price $17.99
New 2019 1st Edition ...  424 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-944781-39-2 .
6 x 9 Paperback
Tags: Spiritual Prison Reform

This novel, based on true events, will rock the foundation of all you believe about yourself, and the world.
The time came one day when I had to choose between what was in my heart, as opposed to what my logical mind was telling me, and like a few who had come before me, I chose the path less traveled . . .  but to do so, I had to remember all the spiritual teachings I'd been taught over the last forty years  and then  to do the best I could with what I had available. In this book, you are asked to examine your own inner beliefs and to answer this question about offenders of the law . . . Do we, as a modern civilized society, still need to cling to Old Testament beliefs and values about 'payback and retribution' simply for the sake of punishment, or can we put the past behind us and actually begin the forgiveness process?

We’re engulfed in a toxic cloud of mass consciousness, trapped in a matrix called, the Crystal Prison,  but as a former criminal trial lawyer I could no longer allow myself to be chained to these beliefs or accept this fear-based society, one that believes in imprisonment as the only answer to solving our society’s ills. One day, I found myself finally ready to make a huge leap of faith, free-falling into the unknown, and to break out of the Crystal Prison to become someone different. The moment it shattered, I realized that freedom was not something to attain or achieve, but was a state of mind.

I was told there was something very important I must do, but how could I learn to remain  safely under the radar? Fortunately, I had some very unique friends who had lots of wisdom to share.

This is a fictional novel based on true events, written to raise awareness about the need for prison reform … it also shows that those who reside in the ‘spirit realm’ are very real, and you are never alone. It’s multilayered, a memoir, a social commentary, and offers new revelations about how we can live a  'spiritual life’ in the everyday world. Each chapter is filled with unbelievable surprises . . . 

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